Call of Remembrance - Free your Soul!


White Spirit Bear

Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ

Greetings to all realtions!

Can you feel your personal connection to our primeval Mother? The beloved Mother Earth who so conditionally-free serves us in every second of our lives. My personal connection is so deeply anchored, that I dedicated my whole and entire live to serve and protect her and her inhabitants. 

The Romany Gypsy- as well as Native American blood running within me, has drawn and guided me to many tribes around the globe and I was honored to be taught by various elders from the Lakota, Mayan, Australian Aborigines, African Garifuna to Celtic.  

Gatherings, ceremonies, sharings online or in person have been for a long time my way of contributing to bringing us all further on our path to the New, to Paradise and therefore serve Mother Earth.

Through my online-activities, White Feather and I were brought together. My greatest gift in many years is joining my life path with Corina White Feather to create and present transformational SoulFreeingCircles through programs and activities together. 

Along with White Feather I invite you: 

get up and go❣️

for Your Being

with Love, Light & Gratitude

Jim White Spirit Bear


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Wir lassen jegliche Auswertungen und was es sonst noch gäbe weg - jeder ist ein freier Mensch und darf noch freier werden 😍