Can you feel, how your inner voice is calling you? Would you like to give her an ear of listening?

Through a SoulFreeingJourney your (couples or groups) soul(s) take us through the healing that may and shall happen now. Your liberated soul can shine even brighter ~ as soon as you recognise and give yourself to yourself, you discover more and more the winning, naturally flowing wisdom of your clear, crystalline Self.

You leave your usual beliefs, reinsurance as well as apparent success behind you and you live the joy of your destination authentically and unconditionally loving. A peaceful planet is the logical following beauty of our work.

A SoulFreeingJourney usually resolves many incrustations and changes can be seen and felt within three weeks, at the latest. 

All that’s needed is the open hearted willingness as well as the devotion to yourself.   

Private SoulFreeingJourney’s I mostly give over telephone or online. Subsequent PathCoaching deepens the achievements and leads to further light-filled release. 

Group SoulFreeingJourney’s mostly within Workshops

White Feather invites you: 

get up and go❣️

for Your Being

with Love & Gratitude


Corina White Feather


FreeSoulJourney / Coaching

all prices are the same for USD

Given either by Corina White Feather or Jim White Spirit Bear

60 Minutes                     CHF 190.-

Given by Corina White Feather and Jim White Spirit Bear

60 Minutes                     CHF 340.-

Partnership present together

60 Minutes                     CHF 275.-


Create your own «Image of Strength»

1 Pax. max 7 hours        CHF 840.-

2 - 4 Pax. /Price p.P.      CHF 420.-

5 - 6 Pax. /Price p.P.      CHF 320.-

all prices include. pre- und after-activation


upon request

We bill to the nearest 5 minutes

Those who are able to gift extra donations assist the Ones who thankfully accept the nourishing present of support.

Call of Remembrance - free your soul!


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