Call of Remembrance - Free your Soul!

Water ~ 

Source of all life

«Dear people - I am all source of any living. You can be with little or without light for a while, but only a couple minutes without air and only a couple of days without me.

Everything you look at, I am within. Most important, I am in all living creatures. In plants, earth, animals and you!

How do you think it feels like, when polluted water is within you? And in all creation, at that. 

How do you think it feels like, when wonderful clean water is within you? Water from the source?

I beg you, take care of me!

I keep coming back to you; rain on you, run through your body, through mountains, streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Over and over again, millions and millions of years. 

My nourishment is inside and outside. My oceans are part of Mamma Gaia’s Lungs ~ and yours. 

I beg you, take care of me!

I am a Being as a whole ~ and within me, there are SoulBeings. And then, there are my WaterFairies.   We all love you. And we all are important for you. And we all are some ~ together we are One. 

Sorry, I got a little carried away.

Yes, I can pick up and hold information. 

Yes, I can bring over messages. 

Me, sometimes the Beings within me, sometimes the Fairies. 

We work together, at times ~ actually, almost always ~ and so, we live a statement of how you should be living, too. 

I beg you, please take care of me!

At the moment, I and we desperately need your support. For me to heal, I am drowning!

How can I drown? 

I drown in all the chemicals and slurry you put into me, in the hormones, the garbage - most of all the plastic out of it. 


And if I am drowning, you drown with me.

What can be done to support me?

Some of it you know yourself. For the rest, read in the book of Hermine, listen to the Indigenous, to White Feather and visit ceremonies done by the Indigenous (if allowed), White Feather or people dedicated for it. 

How can you support yourself?

Inform me, your Water, with the Sign of Remembrance. 

Look at the WaterCrystals which are published here. The first one is a message to encourage you to birth the New.

The second one lets you see a little of the signs power, Love and mystic ~ let your heart look at it, because words can not explain… 

We and I encourage you:

inform your Water with Remembrance. 

The one you cook with as well as the one you drink, water you give to your animals and plants and, if you can, the water you shower with. 

Thank you for everything you are willing to do to

* heal yourself

* heal Mother Earth

* heal me ~ your water

  Source of all life. 

Thank you!    

With Love 

Your Water»  

(channelled by White Feather)

White Feather invites you: 

get up and go❣️

for yourself as well for our environment. 

for Your Being

with Love, Light & Gratitude



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Picture out of the book «Hermine empfängt globale Botschaften», painted for the WaterCall 

and the CardDeck Remembrance to the «i AM»

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