Call of Remembrance - Free your Soul!

Crystals ~ 

the messengers of Love

«Dear people ~ we are the Crystals of the World. 

We are very important for your transformation to happen as smoothly as possible. 

There are two things that you have to take care of. 

On thing is…

Please, do not mine us anymore. We need to be within Mother Earth to strengthen you, Mamma Gaia, animals and the plants!

So many of us have been literally ripped out of Mamma Gaia’s womb. She needs what is remaining. 

If you take out more, then the earth will get out of balance, even more. 

So please stop mining us as soon as possible!

Imagine, we grow very, very slow! We take millions of years to grow into our bodies…

Yes, gladly, we serve whoever would like to work and heal with us.

Dear people, there is way enough of us on the surface, in your cupboards and many places you don’t recall having us. 

Now, what is what YOU can do, as one single person?

Well, stop buying us, because that equals in mining more of our sisters. Or at least, buy as little as possible. 

Whatever you may spare, give them back to Mamma Gaia, into the flowing waters or spend them into the «CrystalBowl of Remembrance».

Please give in all the crystals you have, being out of your service, into that bowl, so it may serve someone else. Before you give out your crystals, you may want to do a ritual with them in creating a mandala? And if, sometime, you should need other crystals, receive them from there. 

Ask shops that sell crystals, to do the same. 

Bring in ~ and give out. 

If you are an awakened person, please spread this message, as much as you can. In addition, if you have a connection to a shop that sells crystals, please ask them to install a «CrystalBowl of Remembrance». It’s little attractive for them, we know.  But that’s what has to be done. 


We are here to assist you! So, the second part of our mission is…

most important, your «Crystalline HeartSpace».

Your «Crystalline HeartSpace» gives you the first deeper connection to grow into working with us. If you really start to connect and work with the two Crystals you have in your HeartSpace, you do the most important step you can do. If you keep doing that, over and over and over again, also with the information that will come to you over White Feather’s messages, you really do a great job for yourself, for your environment as well as for the global. 

Dear Ones ~ we have a great purpose to serve Mamma Gaia AND you, in these transformational times, growing into Paradise. One of our supports is ~ the energy we give you.

So please… 

Protect us!

Honor us!

Work with us, if you’d like to.

Otherwise, as we said, pass us on.

We, dear ones, are the

pure reflection of LOVE.

If you ever wished to see Love in manifestation, look at us. 

Dive into our existence by looking, or shall we say ‚staring‘, at us. Like ‚Tatrak‘ in Yoga, starring at the flame of a candle. 

Stare at one of us and let the rest just happen. Let go and let us do our duty. 

We are crystal clear Love and we love ~ you, all existence. 

Nature, animals and you like to receive our vibration and this is what we are here for. 

We are the RainbowBridge of Love. We serve you to see Love, to experience Love a n d for you to LIVE LOVE.

White Feather is passing on the message of your «Crystalline HeartSpace». 

It is a powerful instrument for you to grow into the new existence, into Love. 

Our MainQuality is feminine ~ we are solid clear Love ~ we ARE!

We love you, dear people, 

we love you. 

We look forward working with you.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!»  

(channelled by White Feather)

White Feather invites you: 

get up and go❣️

for yourself as well for our environment. 

for Your Being

with Love, Light & Gratitude

Corina White Feather


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ImageOfStrength «Crystal of Remembrance»

further Informations to this Crystal you’ll find in the new book being published soon, as well as  updates through Corina White Feather.

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