Call of Remembrance - free your soul!

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Does it call you for rest, clarification, sorting out or resting?

The sounds of our instruments touch you deeply and give you 

s p a c e, liberate you, transform. We play my more than 20 instruments with sincere devotion and deep intuition. Some of them we built ourself or were created for us. Others unfolded through loving monks or are unique in the world.

We humans are made up of 90% water. When water is played on, it creates a visible vibration, a wonderful, cosmic resonance. Water can also store information (see WaterPage). So what might a SoulFreeingSound release, move and sustainably continue to vibrate in our body ...

The sounds of our original instruments also reach the whole of being, the soul, through the ear.

By a SoulFreeingSound, you may be led into your center, into peace, or topics that you are currently carrying with you are being clarified.

We enter the SoulFreeingSound with a wish. Then we let ourself be guided, in deep connection with the great forces, for the sounds to unfold your resonance.

A SoulFreeingSound may complement a SoulFreeingJourney or they can even vibrate with one another.

It can resolve incrustations, old patterns, sadness or confusion. She supports you in finding new ways, gladly in connection with a SoulFreeingJourney or coaching.

Would you like to open your heart and listen to the sounds that unfold for you?


Groups, including a subsequent brunch, snack or meal, on request.

Look forward to moments that will strengthen you!

White Feather invites you: 

get up and go❣️

for Your Being

with Love, Light & Gratitude


Corina White Feather


Extract from our kaleidoscope - all prices are the same in USD


SoulFreeingJourney  60’               CHF 190.-

Coaching      60’                           CHF 190.-

                                                                        4-7 pple                    starting 8 pple


90’ 1-3 People                              CHF 190.-    CHF  58.-                  CHF  42.-

60’ 1-3 People                              CHF 170.-    CHF  40.-                  CHF  35.-

30’ 1-3 People                              CHF   85.-    CHF  25.-                  CHF  18.-

SoulFreeingSound for pregnant women    upon request

SoulFreeingImage    1-2 People   CHF 640.-    CHF 300.- (3-7 Pers.) CHF 190.-


Those who are able to gift extra donations assist the Ones who thankfully accept the nourishing present of support.


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