Call of Remembrance - Free your Soul!

Suggested CoCreations

There are so many ways being in CoCreation with the Remembrance Sign. Your creativity may flow free, being curious to explore. 

By reading the CommunityQuotes, you get lots of inspiration to start with. Here, you may find impulses to topics i find inspiring as we travel within these transformational times. 

Most of all i recommend for you to be along in Mondays SoulFreeingShine as well as in all our circles. We continuously share and explore together, which creates an uplifting foundation for new discoveries. 

We invite you to join in and be part of this valuable personal and globally supporting movement into the New ~ into Paradise! 

With Love, Light & Gratitude!


White Feather

the Voice ~ calling in and guiding to 

Crystalline Lemurian

Remembrance & Beyond


Look at the Remembrance Sign for about 

5 / 10 - 20 Seconds


Water your plants with Remembrance Sign informed water


* Search natural items

* Print out the Remembrance Sign

* Be creative

* Experience and observe your process

Photos courtesy of Remembrance Sign Explorers

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Wir lassen jegliche Auswertungen und was es sonst noch gäbe weg - jeder ist ein freier Mensch und darf noch freier werden 😍