Call of Remembrance - Free your Soul!

Remembrance Sign

After i was called to birth the Remembrance Sign onto Planet Earth, i sat there, in the middle of the night, asking ‚now what‘?

In that very moment i needed some brainfood! And was led to some, very quickly. Part of it i share within the ‚Introductional Informations‘.

Soon after it was very clear, this Sign is for us to CoCreate for and with us on much different levels but the brain! 

So there we are, exploring its power, capabilities, holistic impact and so on. All who have experienced being in CoCreation with it are experiencing an impact of where words are missing to explain. 

You are invited to go on experimenting yourself!

The Remembrance Sign is letting its impact and power grow along with us! As soon as a group of people has reached a different conscious level, the Remembrance Sign will unfold / release more of its power and wisdom. It is a wonderful guide and companion for these transformational times ~ full of Love and Light!

May you hear the calling to travel to your true «i AM», releasing all old, unfolding your PrimevalRemembrance!

With deep Love, bright shining Light & graceful Gratitude!


Lemurian High Priestess

White Feather

the Voice ~ calling in and guiding to 

Crystalline Lemurian

Remembrance & Beyond

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