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Spiritual / Universal

Dear Remembrance Sign explorers, here is the Remembrance Sign that I made by gluing wood, leaves, petals. Then I pasted everything on a painting I painted and didn't like much. Now the light passes through the paper and gives that beautiful effect 😊 

While doing it, all i had to do is focus on the Remembrance Sign, then i was able to experience it's beautiful power. 💗

July 2023

One of my personal experience with Remembrance Sign informed water is that i immediately feel more open and receptive after drinking it. And this supports me a lot in everyday challenges. Thank you water and thank you dear White Feather 👍🏻 




When I started using Remembrance Sign informed water, i wondered if it would help with the way my body holds too much water. I had already seen improvement, including significant reduction of medication for it. I now relate additional improvement to drinking informed water. Yesterday, a healthcare provider cancelled the prescription!❣️😁

July 2023


Last night i used the Remembrance Sign to reverse a rapid heartbeat episode in just a few seconds. I have been using a Qigong sound healing to bring my heart rate back to normal, but the Remembrance Sign worked much faster!

June 2023


While working in my planter garden, I was surrounded by a swarm of tiny biting insects. By the time I got back in the house, many of the areas where I was biten already had welts and they itched really bad. I already had two Benadryl caps in my hand when I decided to look at the Remembrance Sign, and the itching calmed down a little. I put the Benadryl back in the bottle. Within a few more minutes, very little itching remained and the welts around the bites were going away. 

June 2023

Right after the Remembrance Sign-Stickers arrived i put one into the fridge. What a wonderful impact my nourishings and i receive! Thank you!

October 2022

Plants / Garden, Animals, Planet Earth

I put up a Remembrance Sign on a shelf overlooking my planter garden. Less than 1 minute later, i sensed that energy of the whole area had shifted.

Early Summer 2023

The day after i put the Remembrance Sign up in my garden, a gentle rain began to fall, and kept coming down for 3 days. I'm sure much of that rainwater was able to soak into the ground water system, and that a lot of Remembrance Sign informed water also fell directly into the 2 small streams near the garden. To think of such a large amount of informed water entering the streams and the ground water then flowing on to a larger river system filled my heart with awe, wonder and much gratitude.

Early Summer 2023

Several months ago, I placed a Remembrance Sign where two streams come together near my house. About a month ago, I noticed that the taste of sulfur and iron in my well water was no longer noticeable, but the tap water would still turn cloudy if I did not filter it. Last week I stopped using a filter, using only the Remembrance Sign to inform my drinking water. The water still tastes good and remains clear, so now I use only the Remembrance Sign to inform the water I drink.

July 2023

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