Call of Remembrance - free your soul!

Mamma Gaia

On my «InitiationsJourney» it was shown to me, what can be done with the sign «Remembrance» to support Mamma Gaia’s healing.

In Joy, Devotion and Humbleness I follow this wonderful and archaic strong call. 

Together in groups, we create an incredibly strong field that miraculously potentiates our actions. 

Whatever happens for Mamma Gaia, is naturally always also for ourselves.


💜 WaterCall

Please have a look here

Water ~ Source of all life


💜 Feminin & Masculin

in many sacred places around the globe as well as ‚just around the corner‘, feminine and masculine NatureEnergies have been separated by building. This, of course, has influence on plants, animals and humans. We help Mamma Gaia, along with the sign Remembrance, to rejuvenate and/or strengthen these energies.    

💜 Lilith & Venus

both of these powers work in all of us and wish to be integrated, in these times we are living. A very, very impressive experience was revealed to me during a FullMoonRitual I was spontaneously giving in a very small circle, right near Cathedral Rock in Sedona. We integrate and let it dance. 

💜 anywhere

wherever Remembrance is being placed, it strengthens the energy of the place. If possible, we put it so it comes to lay on a grid point and therefore the powerful RemembranceEnergy can flow stronger and stronger around our globe. 

💜 Your LOVE

with each of these Rituals and workshops as well as with personal FreeSoulJourney’s, your soul frees further. Your crystalline beauty becomes the nourishment for all there is. 

for Your Being

with Love & Gratitude


Corina White Feather


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