Call of Remembrance - free your soul!

Foundation of Remembrance

«Foundation of Remembrance» arises, as soon as the time is right. It will launch or support projects working within the spirit of Remembrance. 

As it came through, there will be very TimePrecise projects, and the themes of use will change very quickly, as one after the another will be (re-)solved. 

Who ever would like to is welcomed to round up the amount when buying an article, enjoying a   FreeSoulJourney or attending a Workshop. You may also spend a larger amount if you’d like to. 

Besides of what we do for the Foundation, we donate to Remembrance matching organizations such as for Bee’s, Trees, OceanCare, Centre for Coastal Studies etc. Payments have already been made. 

Whatever the power behind Remembrance is, she is thankful for any kind of energy which is brought in, as we go along. 🙏🏼

for Your Being

with Love & Gratitude


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