Call of Remembrance - free your soul!


White Feather

How wonderful, you are here!

When we are deep inside, at our core - there is clear, unconditional Love! 

Do you know this feeling of BEing-ONE?

As a PathCoach in deep connection with the Whole and along with the sign «Remembrance», brought into manifestation through me, I lead ceremonies for our EarthMother and support people in their processes to remove encrustations to advance to clarity. You find your potential and you live the purity of your crystalline beauty. This exhilarating feeling of BEing-ONE is you. 

Your contact with me, White Feather, can bring moments of resignation and inner rebellion through my persistence as well as my quick, clear vision. As soon as you recognize and give yourself to yourself, you discover more and more the winning, naturally flowing wisdom of your clear Self.

You leave your usual beliefs, reinsurance as well as apparent success behind you and you live the joy of your destination authentically and unconditionally loving.

White Feather invites you: 

get up and go❣️

for Your Being

with Love & Gratitude


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