Call of Remembrance - free your soul!

Take, from what I can do for you!

-> With all from what I offer, I work out of the Now and in togetherness with the great Spirits! 

* Remembrance StableHealth - until further notice Wednesday and Friday at 8 pm (Zürich) during approx. 30 - 60’ of activation/holding stable of Health & WellBeing - always in relation to the daily qualities. If time is not according to your life, you can access the recording at any time.

* Remembrance LoveGratitude - Sundays at 8 pm (Zürich) during approx. 60' Answers to questions and or a Group-FreeSoulJourney. We work with Crystals and strengthen our systems. A meditation is rounding up the circle. 

* FreeSoulJourney - private Support/Coaching with whatever is concerning you. All Subjects are welcome - just contact me.

* FreeSoulJourney for groups - upon request or upon need. Highly efficient, as the EnergyField arises. Contact me, if you have a subject, then we can meet up in a circle.

You decide whether you are visible or prefer to remain anonymous.

* RemembranceCeremonies or Seminars - in free nature or at your place/center upon request.

* SoulCall - regular, free Video's - for these, please register, the last one you may watch here. With SoulCall you also get messages as cards for you to print out, if you wish.


As long as online is working, all support is via Zoom (except Remembrance ceremonies). Maybe, there will be Facebook-live.


StableHealth - 15 - 20'-Sessions

GuestSession - CHF/USD 8.-

Abo 10x at dates of your free choice - CHF/USD 55.-

Abo 20x at dates of your free choice - CHF/USD 80.-

1 month - CHF/USD 90.-


You will get the link, as soon as you applied and paid. Further Details please see below.

LoveGratitude - 60'-Sessions

GuestSession - CHF/USD 12.-

Abo 10x at dates of your free choice - CHF/USD 100.-


You will get the link, as soon as you applied. Further Details please see below.


CHF/USD 170.-/hour - charged according to the given time and including aftercare. 

FreeSoulJourney for groups

small groups up to 3 people CHF/USD 88.-/person for about an hour

larger groups upon the situation - it is important for me, that it is working and that we can DO IT! 


Valid for everything: money is short? Ask me, we will find a way!

Do you have a lot of money - then we look forward to higher compensation!

The Sign of Remembrance came into manifestation to support us.

You may download and print it free of charge on this website

Despite my actual situation (after being called to let it all go and have these initiations), I have made products that can support us. As soon as I will be financially back on my feet again, I will let all profits from these products flow to the Foundation of Remembrance.

current WorkshopTopics       

  • get out of judging ~ into the heart 💜
  • How to remain loving, when you’d rather refuse
  • unconditional loving
  • Feminin & Masculine harmonized within me
  • Lilith & Venus within me 
  • AnnualWorkshop
    «Free your Soul»

Celebration of our inner light Welcome 2020

This event has been taped and can be purchased in our shop

for Your Being

with Love & Gratitude

USEFUL INFORMATION for the Online-offers!

Zoom serves as our platform.

After you have registered and we have received the payment, you will get a link, which will allow us to connect live. All sessions are being recorded and will be delivered to you within 24 hours.


The best way to pay is via

Alternatively, you can also transfer to the following IBAN CH56 0077 4000 4210 16 600


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