Call of Remembrance - Free your Soul!

Your PrimevalStrength

Can you feel, how your inner voice is calling for you to walk the path to your Remembrance & Beyond? Would you like to give it an ear of listening?

On a personal Journey, i was asked to birth the Remembrance Sign onto Planet Gaia, CoCreate with it in circles, in private sessions and also, spread its callings.

It is a great honor to me to integrate its power and the content of its messages into all of my offerings.


Thank you for walking on your path!

Thank you for being You!

With Love, Light & Gratitude!


Lemurian High Priestess

White Feather

the Voice ~ calling in and guiding to 

Crystalline Lemurian

Remembrance & Beyond

If you wish to seek my embodiment of Lemurian High Priestess

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Cathie B’s realisation

It’s a whole Holistic Healing System by itself - the Remembrance Sign, the Crystalline HeartSpace and the CardDeck with its book, as well as ‚Hermine - receives global messages‘.

To free yourself to go even deeper and deeper and deeper, it’s important to attend all of the SoulFreeing services that Lemurian High Priestess White Feather offers.


To me, it is unlogical to write ‚i‘ capitalized. So i choose to write it appropriately, in my personal understanding. If you agree, you are invited to join in.

Transformational support


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